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Tue Nov 7 18:15:35 CET 2006

On 7 Nov 2006, at 17:01, Luciano M. Guasco wrote:

> OK Eden and Nipun: The problem is not the configuration! I know very
> good how the smtp, and pop are working!

If users are already using IMAP, then the sent folder in their  
application (Thunderbird, Outlook, will already look the  
same as the folder in their webmail client (assuming everything is  
configured correctly on the IMAP server and on the client).

If they are using POP, it seems more straightforward just to have  
them to switch to using IMAP (perhaps providing a setup wizard/guide  
if required) than to have them use POP and try and kludge it. That is  
the sort of problem IMAP is designed to solve, after all. :-)

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