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Mircea Galut mircea.galut at
Wed Sep 27 11:58:17 CEST 2006


I recently discovered that I cannot download corectly certain attachments, like xls or wmv files for example. I tried with different extensions, .doc's or image files work fine.

How does this happen: when opening the message I get the list of attachments where it describes corectly the name and extension of files. When clicked for saving on the local drive, the file name in the save window becomes 'mail' or 'mail2.2' of an unknown type and with a smaller size (I downloaded it with Outlook Express and compared files). That's what happened with the xls file; the wmv file size appeared corectly (about 2M) but the name was still 'mail2.2'.

>From reading the sources of Roundcube I think the problem is when it tries to identify the mime parts of the message (mimeDecode.php). Am I correct? Do I need to upgrade some library or specific application?

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