BiG BuG !!!

Kirktis kirktis at
Sun Sep 24 05:35:25 CEST 2006

Sounds to me like you have an alias or a forward rule defined somewhere. It
is very improbable that this is a roundcube issue, it is the behaviour of
your mail server.

On 9/22/06, yepla <yepla at> wrote:
> hello,
> sorry for my english but ...
> there are a big error when i send a mail from webmaster at to
> webmaster at the mail go in yepla at
> and when i send a mail from yepla at to webmaster at alloocash.comthe mail go to
> yepla at ! :(
> i don't understand i have 2 home different
> yepla : /home/mail/yepla/ with Maildir
> webmaster : /home/mail/webmaster with Maildir
> i use postfix and courier-imap-ssl
> i have 4 users which use roundcubewebmail and the bug is only on this 2
> adress
> plz help
> thx
> Yepla
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