Fw: Download specific attachments from e-mails

Mark Clarkson mark.clarkson at smorg.co.uk
Wed Sep 27 12:59:22 CEST 2006

You're probably right. I've just downloaded an xls doc through roundcube
however, and it worked fine. Maybe your version is broke and mine is ok?

I'm using roundcubemail-0.1beta2. Maybe let the list know your version.

Just to be sure however, the limits apply to the _whole_ email message I
think, not to individual attachments.

On Wed, 2006-09-27 at 13:41 +0300, Mircea Galut wrote:
> The xls files are all under 2M. In fact, one file originaly sent had about 
> 67k and the file identified to save by roundcube had 2k. Maybe it's not 
> about limits.
> Thanks,

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