[RCU] Login Problem

andy aborruso at tin.it
Thu Aug 9 14:53:33 CEST 2007

Hi all,
I have a (probably) stupid login problem. I have an IMAP account, and I 
use thunderbird as email client.
I'm not able to make login with roundcube because I have strange 
username syntax. Something like:
"Bill Clinton/EASY"

This syntax is that one I use without any problem with thunderbird. The 
problem seems the white space. If I make the login I have in the log:
"a001 BAD LOGIN Unexpected Extra arguments"

If I remove the with space I have:
"a001 NO LOGIN invalid user name or password"

This error is right because my username is "Bill Clinton/EASY" and not 

Is there a way to pass a username with a white space?

Thank you,

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