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Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Tue Aug 14 07:53:51 CEST 2007

If you are receiving this message, that means I've identified this address 
as being dependent on "gigo.com".  I've tried to make sure that if you 
have multiple addresses (due to you having your own domain name) dependent 
on gigo.com that I only include one of your addresses.

You may also be seeing this message due to a mailing list you're on, being 
hosted here.  (CRPL, Woodworkers, RoundCube).

The purpose of this list is to notify folks of major system maintenance 
and changes.  There will be major changes in the next 2-8 weeks, and it 
will involve downtown of several hours.  Exact timing is in question and 
based on how much personal time I can spend on the new server.

If you do not want to be on this notification list, you can unsubscribe 
with http://gigo.com/mailman/listinfo/notify#subscribers .

If you do unsubscribe, I encourage you to watch http://gigo.com/  or 
feed://gigo.com/index.rdf .  Or, .. just be aware that there will be 
downtime at some point in the next month or two for some hefty changes.

Jason Fesler
gigo.com postmaster, webmaster, list master, and janitor.
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