[RCU] Re: RoundCube Folder w/ 8500+ messages (Squirrelmail 1.5.xworks fine)

Jason Fesler jfesler at gigo.com
Tue Aug 21 19:28:23 CEST 2007

> While your suggestions all are valid to some degree, I think you overlooked
> one very important point.  I can swap out the latest version of RoundCube
> with Squirrelmail 1.5.x and there is a huge increase in speed - almost

It sounds like Squirrelmail 1.5.x may finally be only pulling the headers 
for a single "page" of index data?  If so, I need to investigate it.. :-)

Given the GUI nature of RC, I'm not sure how practical that is.  Unless 
you allow scrolling right away, perhaps with dummy data, and dynamically 
fetch the entries you need to show for the current page, as you scroll to 
them; and used some kind of persistent connection from the client to the 
server, to avoid bashing the imap server.

Few clients actually get this right (non-web); pine and mulberry (RIP) are 
the only couple I know that only fetch the index headers for what needs to 
be shown *now*; both fetch more on demand; and they usea persistent 
connection (but that's cheating, since they aren't a web app).

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