[RCU] Re: RoundCube Folder w/ 8500+ messages (Squirrelmail1.5.xworks fine)

jjh at megalomanic.net jjh at megalomanic.net
Tue Aug 21 19:57:59 CEST 2007

> It sounds like Squirrelmail 1.5.x may finally be only pulling the headers
> for a single "page" of index data?  If so, I need to investigate it.. :-)
> Given the GUI nature of RC, I'm not sure how practical that is.  Unless
> you allow scrolling right away, perhaps with dummy data, and dynamically
> fetch the entries you need to show for the current page, as you scroll to
> them; and used some kind of persistent connection from the client to the
> server, to avoid bashing the imap server.

I don't know how either are polling the database, but shouldn't RoundCube
only be querying a maximum of the "rows per page" setting under Personal
Settings each time you navigate to or in a folder?  I hate to think it is
retrieving thousands of messages and then only showing me 40 each time I
touch something...

> ... and they use a persistent
> connection (but that's cheating, since they aren't a web app).

You can have a partially-persistent imap connection if imapproxy is used on
the backend, or are you talking Apache's not-persistence? 

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