Question about RoundCubeMail setup

Michael michael.ross at
Tue Feb 20 06:44:03 CET 2007

Hi Anthony,

> I'm setting up a very specialized email service that will ultimately need
> to support a few hundred thousand users or more.  From looking at the code, I
> am left wondering if I need to install a separate IMAP server or does
> RoundCubeMail handle it all? If I do need to install an IMAP server, can
> anyone suggest one in particular? Right now, I'm seriously looking at Cyrus.

Roundcube is a browser based IMAP client. To use it you need a seperate IMAP server.

Given the system size you want to deploy, I'm not certain what IMAP server to suggest. Hosting a few hundred thousand users will present a fair few issues to be resolved (bandwidth, server specs etc..).

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