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Tue Feb 20 15:47:40 CET 2007

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On Feb 20, 2007, at 12:15 AM, Anthony Papillion wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new to the list and have a question. I've tried searching the  
> list archives but, for some reason, the links don't do anything  
> when I click on them. So please forgive me if I am asking a  
> question that's been asked before and feel free to point me to an  
> older post that might answer my question if appropriate.
> I'm setting up a very specialized email service that will  
> ultimately need to support a few hundred thousand users or more.   
> From looking at the code, I am left wondering if I need to install  
> a separate IMAP server or does RoundCubeMail handle it all? If I do  
> need to install an IMAP server, can anyone suggest one in  
> particular? Right now, I'm seriously looking at Cyrus.

Given the size/scale of that are you sure you want to use beta software?

Either way, scaling email services to the size you're talking about  
is a fairly difficult task. About the only open source project I can  
think of off hand that would give you sealed servers and kind of  
supports the kind of scaling you'd need is cyrus. Even then,  
cyrusmurder clusters aren't quite high availability solutions.  
They're more like load mitigation strategy. Meaning, if parts of them  
fail some number of users will be tmpfailed while affected mailboxes  
are restored. Last I looked, their mupdate server was a single point  
of failure for mail delivery and it got really complicated if you  
wanted to use mass storage since file locking is a pain, especially  
under linux in clusters.

Either way, roundcube is just an imap client. To do the kind of thing  
you're talking about, you're going to need some expertise in whatever  
imapd software you decide on. Just administering an install of that  
size is going to be a beast unless its well planned/designed. You  
most likely will customize whatever it is you choose to some degree  
to suit your needs. There may well be commercial solutions for all  
this, but none spring to mind. Then again, I'm not an expert on the  

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