Re Question about RoundCubeMail Setup

Brady J. Frey brady at
Tue Feb 20 18:19:07 CET 2007

Hi Michael,
> Thanks for your quick response. I was suspecting that I might need a 
> backend
> IMAP server to run with RCM but wanted to make sure it was an absolute
> requirement. I suppose I should have noticed the word "client" in the
> description and that would have answered my question. lol
> It seems that the server specs and bandwidth aren't going to be that 
> much of
> a problem as we're going to be using a large datacenter and have 
> plenty of
> servers setup in clusters. Finding a good, reliable IMAP server is 
> going to
> be a problem it seems. I'll keep looking and, if anyone happens to 
> have any
> recommendations, please feel free to forward them my way.
> Thanks,
> Anthony

Just to throw my hat in here - we use OS X's Postfix/Cyrus mail server 
(or have for the past 3 years), and while it runs relatively smoothly, 
it's lack of configuration power can sometimes tie our hands and give us 
a grand headache. I'm not a strong supporter of it, and have looked for 
a more robust alternative - especially after fickle corruption from 
bootable backups, and other joys. The bleeding edge version may have 
some of these tweaked out, just noting.

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