Re Question about RoundCubeMail Setup

Robin Elfrink elfrink at
Tue Feb 20 22:16:14 CET 2007

On 20-feb-2007, at 19:34, Brady J. Frey wrote:

>> As far as I'm concerned cyrus is kind of the least worst of when  
>> you're talking about ways to implement a large sealed imap server.  
>> There are certainly gotchas, vagaries and things that bite you  
>> even if you know it well. But thats just my opinion.
> It could very well be my implementation on Tiger server... or just  
> my server in general:) Good to know others have had better  
> experiences.

I'm running Courier-IMAP for roughly 35000 users, without a problem.  
Currently I'm migrating to Dovecot, which also runs OK. In front of  
the IMAP servers are a number of load-balanced frontends running  

There are a number of IMAP servers which would all work fine in this  


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