Avoid loading large images

Luciano M. Guasco lmg at cs.uns.edu.ar
Fri Feb 23 15:51:38 CET 2007

Richard Bennett wrote:
> On Friday 23 February 2007 15:15, Luciano M. Guasco wrote:
>> You must diable html messages (in config for all users, or once you have
>> logged in, in the  preferences tab).
>> bye
> Hi,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I don't have html selected in the preferences tab, and neither in the config 
> file.
> When I use the preview panel, it works just fine, but when you double-click on 
> the email title, and it opens full-size, then all the images appear 
> underneath the text-only email, and even just 1.5 megs of images seem to 
> block the browser in an eternal loading state.
You're right.. its true, I try disabling html pref, and roundcube try to 
load the image anyway. I tried with 2mb images and work fine (don't 
block the browser), but is useful not show the images. I will look the 
code, and try to patch it. I believe is a bug, if anybody know something 
about these, please post it.
Bye Bye
> I'm testing with firefox on Linux BTW.
> So was this not by design then, and thus a bug?
> Richard

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