Luciano M. Guasco lmg at
Tue Feb 27 12:00:03 CET 2007

Steve Ellis wrote:
> I've been using SmartSieve to manage 
> the sieve scripts to forward the mail marked as spam to a spam folder.
> I'm hoping that once the plugin API is ready we could make 
> (manipulate) this into a plugin for RoundCube.
Excellent! but it's not useful for me, because in my trustix server I 
have installed Courier Imapd, not Cyrus. Do you know another tool that 
works with Courier??
Thanks, Luchux.
> On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 11:23 -0300, Luciano M. Guasco wrote:
>> Hi everybody... I have installed spamassasin in my mailserver. Because I 
>> work in an university environment, I can't discard messages marked as 
>> ***SPAM***, but everybody that uses roundcube have a lot of mails in 
>> their inbox marked as spam, but they cant redirect through filters. Are 
>> filters supported in roundcube? If not, I would like to program them in 
>> php... some suggestion???
>> Thanks, Luchux.
>> Luciano M. Guasco
>> sysadmin
>> Universidad Nacional del Sur
>> Bahía Blanca - Argentina

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