Address book contents disappeared.

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That was exactly it.  Thanks!.  I just went in exported the mysql contacts changed the id to the one that I know it was, deleted the contacts and reimported them.  They all show up now.  Thanks!

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I think i know what happend, i've the same problem.

in the roundcube there ist autocreate set to TRUE, and at the moment your wife logged in a new user is auto created and the link between the contacts an the new user are lost. you can have a look at your database and will find all contact in the db but with the false id of the user that is used at the moment. 


2007/2/27, Julien Renouard < julien at>: 

I think you have to contact the site admin and not the roundcube users.

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My wife logged into our site over the weekend and notice that all the contacts that she had put into her address book had mysteriously disappeared.  Any ideas where they would be and how to get them back without having to put all 100+ back in?
Travis A. Zadikem

Julien Renouard

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