Error during attaching operations and attachment downloading

Matteo Cappadonna mcappadonna at
Wed Mar 21 17:30:00 CET 2007


I've some problems attaching files to new mails.
These are the errors:

1) When I attach a single file of size >1MB after few second, roundcube
return on compose mail but there is no file attached;

2) When I try to attach multiple files, and the total size of the
attachments are greater than 1MB, the roundcube interface freeze, and
I've to reload manually the page. Once I've reloaded I'm in front of
the "Compose New Mail" interface, without any entry I've already done.

3) When I receive a mail with a file as attachment and I try to open it
with left-click, the type of the file is correctly recognized, but the
application loaded by the browser cannot find the file. If I
right-click -> Save as... on the file, I can correctly save this on the

Thanx for your help.

Matteo Cappadonna
   Cutaway S.r.l.
   email : mcappadonna at
   mobile: +39 320 7799298

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