Error No. 1f4)

chasd chasd at
Tue Mar 6 15:21:51 CET 2007

>     ServerName secondhost.domain
>     ServerAlias www.domain

>     ServerName firsthost.domain
>     ServerAlias mail.domain

What does your DNS zone file look like for these ?

>     ProxyPass /
>     ProxyPassReverse /

I assume roundcube is installed in a directory on the main host, I  
would use proxy directives specifically to that directory. If you are  
using virtual hosts, you'll want to use those domain names, not IP's  

>     ProxyPass /roundcube http://firsthost.domain/roundcube/
>     ProxyPassReverse /roundcube http://firsthost.domain/roundcube/

Not sure why you are using ServerAlias.
If you are trying to use authentication on the "private" web server,  
I've had some issues with proxy directives and auth directives.

Why not just install RC on the second web server, and point the DB  
config on the second to the first web server ?

Charles Dostale
System Admin - Silver Oaks Communications
824 17th Street, Moline  IL  61265

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