Error during attaching operations and attachment downloading

Guillaume silencer at
Wed Mar 21 18:29:19 CET 2007

Matteo Cappadonna a écrit :
> Hi,

> I've some problems attaching files to new mails.
> These are the errors:
> 1) When I attach a single file of size >1MB after few second, roundcube
> return on compose mail but there is no file attached;
Are you sure it is not the limit on upload file from php ?

> 2) When I try to attach multiple files, and the total size of the
> attachments are greater than 1MB, the roundcube interface freeze, and
> I've to reload manually the page. Once I've reloaded I'm in front of
> the "Compose New Mail" interface, without any entry I've already done.
> 3) When I receive a mail with a file as attachment and I try to open it
> with left-click, the type of the file is correctly recognized, but the
> application loaded by the browser cannot find the file. If I
> right-click -> Save as... on the file, I can correctly save this on the
> disk.
Also check the limit of PHP... like the post size limit, the memory size

I had some problems with attachements in the past, and all was due to
PHP limits.

> Thanx for your help.
Your welcome


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