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Manuel Giorgini giorgini at interlogica.net
Tue May 22 16:00:03 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I upgraded an installation today, from 0.1-beta2 to 0.1-RC1.

The reason for the upgrade was that a few of our users were unable to download
some attachments, as pdf for example.

On the Message view pane, the attachment name would show fine ("filename.pdf")
but when clicking on it, the name offered by the requester was un-decoded and
looked like =?ISO-8859-1?filename=pdf?= (I cannot remember the precise code
but you get the point, I hope).

My idea was to fix this manually by using, for the download page, the same
code used for the message display. Before doing that, however, I checked for
any new versions and I found RC1, so I installed it (updating the mysql
database and all the relevant files as specified in UPGRADING).

To my horror though now the messages look _completely_ unfiltered; there
doesn't seem to be any replacement (e.g., the letter "à" is unrendered and
stays as =EC0 in the text of the message); what's worse the attachment is not
even recognized anymore; instead if "filename.pdf" in the message display page
I get a clickable link titled "file_2"; the download page prompts me to save a
file; by opening that file I get the whole encoded file, as would appear in
the message source.

I checked for any mention of charsets or locale conversion in main.inc.php and
found none. It really bugs me that the overall performance seems to have
decreased with the upgrade but I am positive that I missed something. I would
appreciate your help. I wouldn't know what to attach to my message but let me
know if you need more information.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Cordialità / Best regards / Gxis la
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