Problem after upgrading

Ing. Nestor Alonso Torres nestor at
Thu May 24 07:05:11 CEST 2007

Hi there!

I've upgraded my RoundCube to 0.1 RC1, following the guide provided in 
the file UPGRADE.

I've cleaned up the database, and later I've runned mysql.initial.sql 
(MySQL 4.1.21).

Now, when I try to log in any user, I receive a message that said: "Your 
session doesn't exists or expired".

In the database, in the table users, I can see the users that I've tried 
to log in, and also in the table identities (meaning that the user can 
write in the database).

I've also checked the permissions in the folders logs and temp.

And, if I give a wrong password when I try to log in, the message is 
"Wrong Password", meaning that the server is connecting with the IMAP 

Any suggestions are welcome.

Best Regards,

Eng. Nestor Alonso Torres :.
Telecommunications and Telematics Dept,
Technical University of Havana, Cuba
Linux User #349581


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