Address bok and multiple emails per user

Chris Richardson techlist at
Wed May 2 18:06:31 CEST 2007

This info is from the dev list. but as far as sending to diffrent groups 
of people espicaly on such a large scale i dont think this is the best 
method anyways. you should setup mailing lists for such groups you might 
want to check out something like mailman or doing via custom settings in 
your MTA. I migrated from openwebmail lots of features and very matured 
but painful to maintain.

Brian Jackson wrote:
> From an email yesterday to the -dev list:
>> Chris Richardson wrote:
>>> Hey Thomas,
>>> I installed the newest svn to start testing the address book and I 
>>> had a
>>> few questions.
>>> 1. is it possible to grab more data from ldap or possibly where I might
>>> define some extra data for lookups.
>> The local address book doesn't currently support more address fields. 
>> For
>> now, the LDAP data is stuck to that restriction as well. The 
>> extension of
>> the address book is planned and with the new architecture, it should be
>> easy to grab more data from LDAP directories once RC knows how to 
>> display them.
> So it looks like it's planned, but I'd guess that would be a post rc1 
> thing. I don't imagine it would be too difficult to hack something 
> like that in yourself, but to do it right and get it merged back into 
> RC might take a bit more work.
> --Brian Jackson
> On May 2, 2007, at 8:35 AM, Jes Kasper Klittum wrote:
>> Hi cubes,
>> We are in the process of migrating some 20.000 users of openwebmail 
>> to RoundCube. So far it has been painless, but now we have stumled 
>> across a problem. Openwebmail allowed address book entrys to have 
>> more than one email address associated, enabling users to send to 
>> groups of people. This is not possible in RoundCube and poses a major 
>> set-back for us. Does any one have any ideas how to circomvent this 
>> problem?
>> Another possibility would be to be able to create multipe address 
>> books and mail all users in a book, but this also does not seem to be 
>> an option?
>> -- 
>> Best regards,
>> Jes Kasper Klittum
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