Help with installation of Roundcube

Vincent Bernat bernat at
Fri May 4 23:21:17 CEST 2007

OoO  En cette fin  de nuit  blanche du  jeudi 03  mai 2007,  vers 06:01,
"Annand Ramsahai" <aramsahai at> disait:

> hi, i followed the installation guide, found here (
> trac.cgi/wiki/Howto_Install),  but i can't seem to get roundcube up and
> running.  I keep getting this error:


> Error No. 1f4)"

Look  at  the logs.  Most  common  cause is  that  you  did not  install
php5-mysql or php5-pgsql or php5-sqlite or something like that.
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