GoogieSpell privacy

Brady J. Frey brady at
Thu May 24 18:26:41 CEST 2007

Thanks for the Nox Spell recommendation - I disabled Google Spell for 
the same reason David commented on, and though some of my servers I have 
pspell installed, this is a good alternative. So I'd throw my hat in the 
ring for pspell integration as well - I've used it in many a in house 
app we have and client apps, I'll look through the code and see if one 
of my developers can pop pspell in.

Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> 2007/5/23, David Förster <david at>:
>> Hi there,
>> as far as I understood it from the FAQ spellchecking is done by 
>> sending the
>> complete message to a Google server. Is this correct?
> Right. Of course you can disable it.
>> Don't you have any privacy concerns? In a professional environment 
>> it's not
>> acceptable to have potentially sensitive information sent to some third
>> party. (If done so, this should at least be clearly advertised.)
> It's up to those who implement RoundCube to be concerned and to
> advertise the users. We're just trying to keep the requirements for
> the PHP environment as low as possible and Google's spell checking is
> a good way to provide this functionality on a $4.99 hosting box.
>> Are there any plans to implement a "local" spellcheck (e.g. by using 
>> PHP's
>> pspell bindings)?
> As an an alternative, you can use the Nox Spell Server which provides
> the same interface as Google Spell. See 'spellcheck_uri' in
> config/
> Also, everybody is welcome to contribute code that implements ans
> other spell checking solution with RoundCube...
> ~Thomas

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