IMAP mail folder prefix

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Sat May 26 00:00:17 CEST 2007

This was reported here
and fixed in the trunk. A patch to fix 0.1-rc1 installations will follow.


Jes Kasper Klittum wrote:
> I am seeing this same behavior when using imap prefix.
> Jes
> Pasi Koivisto skrev:
>> Hi all!
>> I just installed the latest beta and seem to have a problem with my
>> IMAP server, worked fine before I upgaded.
>> I have custom names for Drafts (Utkast), Sent (Skickat) and Deleted
>> (Borttaget) folders and have configured my for that. Now
>> when I log in I get folders (that are emtpy) but the names seem to
>> suggest that it's partial names from my custom named folders.
>> Also when I go to check folders I get all of my folders and not the
>> IMAP ones, I am using a folder prefix that's "mail/" same as I use in
>> Apples client.

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