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bb bb at 0brg.net
Tue Nov 6 13:46:15 CET 2007

kmnair wrote:
> On 11/6/07, Lewis Butler <lbutler+roundcube at covisp.net> wrote:
>> On 5-Nov-2007, at 08:51, N.Emrah ALBULAK wrote:
>>> So than I want to ask something that I think what is the most
>>> important for a Create a HTML mail message. I didnt see any option
>>> or setting for set to html that mail body message.
> This feature is already available in the SVN. I did not check the RC2.
> kmn

In RC2, have a look at lines 224-225 of /config/main.inc.php.dist:

   // enable composing html formatted messages (experimental)
   $rcmail_config['enable_htmleditor'] = FALSE;

I do not know what exactly this does but you could try it out.

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