[RCU] Import .CSV Address Book

Ronald MacDonald ronald at rmacd.com
Sat Nov 10 18:41:22 CET 2007

Hi users,

I've enjoyed using roundcube for over a year now, and it's been a great
tool. If you're like me, with 1000+ contacts, adding contacts manually to an
address book was not something I was up for.

So here's a quick patch I've made, to handle .csv uploads, and adding
contacts to the database

*This patch is based on 0.1rc1 not the newer 0.2 version (released Nov/07).
I cannot guarantee it'll work on the new version.*

The patch creates a new directory csv_upload in the root of the RC
installation - I know this is not common practice, but it makes updating the
rest of the program much easier.

I noticed a recent post on here for uploading .csv files server-side and
doing one-off address book updates, but here's a glorified version, which
will do the following:

   - Handles file upload
   - Checks columns for correct data
   - Adds NEW contacts to the database
   - Old (already inserted) contacts are ignored
   - Interface is all via one additional link on the 'address book' page


   - Use RC-approved methods of including files
   - Change add-on's folder structure
   - Secure the uploading of .csv files. Temp files are currently held
   one at a time, at $_server_root/imported.csv
   - Link to the uploading interface via one of the buttons, as opposed
   to a static link

Download the patch at
Download .tar.gz
Follow the installation info at

If anyone would like to contribute to this little add-on, please let me

Ronald MacDonald
0777 235 1655
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