[RCU] Read receipt not working?

kmnair kmnair at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 04:56:29 CET 2007

On 11/30/07, chasd <chasd at silveroaks.com> wrote:
> > Without this, this has much limited use, especially in
> > offical use, where this can used as an official confirmation
> > mechanism.
> Since this can be disabled in most MUAs, I would not recommend using
> this for "official" use.
> IMHO it can never be counted on to work 100% of the time.
> Some people like it, but most have a higher expectation than what it
> really provides.
> Charles Dostale
> System Admin - Silver Oaks Communications
> http://www.silveroaks.com/
> 824 17th Street, Moline  IL  61265

Yes Charles, there are shortcomings. But something is still better
than nothing.

It is true that this can be disabled in MUA, but perhaps this can be
set at the adminstrator level to be a forced preference, which the
user cannot turn off.

In squirrelmail, a flag stating that the return receipt has been
requested will be there until you send the receipt.

When you open the mail, there is a button asking for sending the
receipt. You can click "cancel" and go into the message, but then the
above flag remains.

Perhaps the"cancel" feature can be disabled at the admin level or the
sender level.


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