[RCU] Feedback and feature requests

dale gallagher dale.gallagher at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 12:48:33 CEST 2007

Hi there

Wow, this is a lovely webmail app, thank you! Finally an open source
webmail project which looks great and works well. It was an absolute
breeze to setup :-) I'm eagerly testing it as a possible replacement
for my current webmail system.

I'm serving it via lighttpd (running under FastCGI) and Dovecot IMAP.

I've included some preliminary feedback and suggestions below.



These are features which I feel are missing, even for a basic webmail client:

1. Mark messages as read/unread/urgent
2. Proper redirect support - ie send mail in original form to another.

The following are features I'd like to see added:

1. Login-to-email mapping of user<delimiter>domain.name

  All my users login with user%domain.name and many other ISPs
  do the same, or use a variation thereof user at domain.name, or

  Perhaps a config option could be added to generate default
  identities by splitting the login at a pre-defined delimeter
  and concatentating with '@' to create the email address,
  and leaving the name part to the user to fill in.

2. 'Junk' and 'Not Junk' actions.

Most sysadmins also employ some form of spam filtering. I use DSPAM
which allows users to train their own filters. The setup I employ
involves minimal admin from my perspective, namely that users mail
spam to spam at myisp,name and false positives to notspam at myisp.name.

So, for all folders other than the Junk folder, the action (button)
called 'Junk' would redirect the message to a global spam at myisp.net
address and then move it to the Junk folder.

Likewise, when viewing the Junk folder, the action (button) called
'Not Junk' would redirect the message to a global notspam at myisp.net
address and then move it to the Inbox folder.

For flexibility in terms of other spam filtering setups, perhaps the
spam and notspam actions could be customised to one of "forward to an
address", or "pipe to another process" which should return something
like a 0 for success, or 1 for failure...
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