[RCU] How to search mail body in roundcube?

Zhang Huangbin zhbmaillistonly at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 23:47:36 CET 2008

A.L.E.C wrote:
> Zhang Huangbin wrote:
>> Hi, all.
>> Currently, it seems roundcube (both 0.1.1 and svn version) only 
>> implemented mail header search, right?
>> How can i search mail body in roundcube (0.1.1 or svn version)?
> You can use few search query modifiers: from, cc, to, subject, body. By 
> default searching is done by subject and from/to. So, if you want to 
> search "text" string in mail bodies write "body:text" in search field.
Hi, Alec.

Thanks for your reply. But there is something wrong in 0.1.1.

I used 'bod:search text' as search string, it seems roundcube found it, 
but it didn't list the result. Please check the attached image.
If i use 'search text' as search string, it will list all matched mails.

One more suggestion: Create a <select> tag in search field, so user can 
choose which part of email to search, like: from, to, cc, body, etc. I 
think this improvement will make roundcube more user friendly, because 
nobody know this tip ('body:TEXT').

Thanks for your hard work. :)

Best regards.

Zhang Huangbin

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