[RCU] taskbar button

aux aux at gawab.com
Fri Feb 1 16:31:55 CET 2008

Hi, i'm using roundcubemail-0.1-rc2 (i upgraded from version 0.1-beta). 
apparently all works ok except the icons of taskbar. I added two customized 
icons (vacation and change-password) but the text of icons not show, i see 
only the image.

My configuration for do this:

program/localization/es/labels.inc (i configured roundcube with spanish 
$labels['change_password'] = 'Cambiar password';
$labels['vacation'] = 'Vacation E-mail';

skins/my-skin/includes/taskbar.html (i also configured 
$rcmail_config['skin_path'] = 'skins/my-skin/';)
<a class="button-change-password" onclick="window.open(this.href); return 
false" href="https://my-tool-for-change-password.html"><?php echo 
htmlspecialchars(rcube_label("change_password")) ?></a>
<a class="button-vacation" onclick="window.open(this.href); return false" 
href="https://my-tool-for-vacation.html"><?php echo 
htmlspecialchars(rcube_label("vacation")) ?></a>

Previus version of roundcube works ok with this configuration

i have been able show the text os icons with the following lines:

 <roundcube:button command="change_password" label="change_password" 
class="button-change-password" onclick="window.open(this.href); return false" 
 <roundcube:button command="vacation" label="vacation" class="button-vacation" 
onclick="window.open(this.href); return false" 

but when doing 'click' to the icons doesn't happen anything

Why with previus versions of roundcube works ok ?
Anyone help me?

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