[RCU] Memory limit reached when sending attachments

bb bb at 0brg.net
Mon Feb 4 19:18:59 CET 2008

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> Quoting bb <bb at 0brg.net>:
>> On Mon, 04 Feb 2008 07:14:43 -0500, Earnie Boyd
>> <earnie at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
>>> You can also add to .htaccess
>>> php_value memory_limit 100M
>>> or whatever value you need.
>> Sounds like a (not very scalable) workaround rather than a fix.
> Yes, a work around for those without access to php.ini.  For debugging 
> you can also add such things as display_error.  It is scalable to 
> control the memory limit of each application should you have more than 
> one on a system.  You can allow X amount of memory for one and Y amount 
> of memory for another.

That is limited scalability compared to improving roundcube's memory 
usage altogether. Whether you have access to php.ini or not, the issue 
remains the same. You can only allow as much memory as you have 
available, and that is usually not very much for busy webservers or 
shared hosting.
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