[RCU] Features?

jody jody at ifi.uzh.ch
Tue Feb 5 12:02:24 CET 2008

I'm new to roundcube (our sysadmin just installed it a few days ago)
and i have a few questions (or suggestions? or bug reports?)

1. I tried to send a mail with a subject line but no body.
 RC didn't send the message but neither did it give a warning.
 I think it should be possible to send mail without body; or,
 if there is a reason why this should be impossible, an adequate
 message should be displayed.
 (I think this is connected with an issue raised in August 2007:
  "Javascript Error when send message without body"
  The JS Error still occurs!)

2. "Show all"
 Sometimes it is advantageous to see all messages in a folder at once
 (e.g. to perfome mass deletions: select all and the klick on the delete
 or to quickly scan all messages in a folder)
 Is there a way to this in RC? In Squirrelmail you can toggle between
 "show all" and "paginate"

3. "Compact" and "Empty"
 When i open RC, the "Empty" link is not enabled for any folder,
 not even the Trash folder. Is there some setting which can control this?
 Or does it have to do with the permissions of folder .Trash on the server?

4. Collapsible folders
 I have grouped my folders in a hierarchy, i.e. some folders containing
 other folders. Sometimes it would be cool to be able to collapse a
 "superfolder" when you're currently not interested in it, and open it
 again when you need it. Is this possible in RC?
 I tried klicking on a "superfolder" but that didn't work.

5. Delete icon
 I think the icon currently used for deletion is a bit misleading because
 this symbol (circle with a diagonal bar across it) usually denotes
  forbidden. I think a simple (red) cross would be clearer.

Thank you in advance for any hints to my questions...


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