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chasd chasd at silveroaks.com
Tue Feb 5 16:27:40 CET 2008

On Feb 5, 2008, at 5:02 AM, jody wrote:

> Hi
> I'm new to roundcube (our sysadmin just installed it a few days ago)
> and i have a few questions (or suggestions? or bug reports?)'

Although some of the developers read this list, if you are really  
interested in getting your suggestions into RoundCube, it is best to  
search the Trac issue tracking site


to see if your suggestions already have tickets, and if not, create  
tickets for your suggestions.


It is very easy to post e-mail messages to a list, or post to a  
forum, however most open source software developers use issue  
tracking software to determine what issue most needs their attention,  
and to make sure issues don't get left behind. An e-mail on a list is  
sure to be forgotten as new messages pour in. If someone doesn't  
spend the effort to place a suggestion ( also sometimes called a RFE,  
or Request For Enhancement ) into Trac, then it must not be that  
important, eh ?

> 3. "Compact" and "Empty"
>  When i open RC, the "Empty" link is not enabled for any folder,
>  not even the Trash folder. Is there some setting which can control  
> this?
>  Or does it have to do with the permissions of folder .Trash on the  
> server?

This issue was covered on this list earlier.
There is a JavaScript function that keeps users from deleting all of  
their mail from any mailbox except the "Trash" and "Junk" mailboxes.
If you don't get a link to empty the "Trash" mailbox, then there is  
likely some kind of configuration issue with your install.
I have found that even though there is a way to use different names  
for the "standard" mailboxes, that doesn't work that well in  
practice. Is it possible you are using a different name for the  
"Trash" mailbox ?

Overall, this is a very young project ( not even 0.1 ! ) so there  
will be a few rough edges.


Charles Dostale
System Admin - Silver Oaks Communications
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