[RCU] Display Name on user identity initialization

john john at cosimano.net
Fri Feb 15 17:14:49 CET 2008

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:57:30 -0500, "Patrick Zaloum" <pzaloum at gmail.com>
> Hello!
> I love so many things about roundcube, if the developpers read this:
> job, such a beautiful piece of software! thanks a lot!
> I had a question regarding the default display name at the time of a
> user's
> first identity initialization. It would seem that it simply takes the
> prefix
> of the email address as the display name. I run my web server where
> roundcube resides in the same place as my imap server so the users
> into roundcube do authenticate on the machine itself. How difficult would
> it
> be to pull the user's real name from /etc/passwd and use that as the
> display
> name that gets inserted when a user logs in for the first time?

at my site it would pretty much be impossible to read /etc/passwd as i run
my httpd in a chroot, which does not have a copy of /etc/password in it.

i am not a developer of RC, just a satisfied user like you, but i might
suggest you look at other ways besides /etc/password.

there are some fields in the `user' and `identities' that look like they
might be able to hold the data you are after.

just a thought. i'm sure the more experienced RC guys around here will be
able to provide more help.


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