[RCU] [RCD] Default Login Page

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 10:48:47 CET 2008

daniel at nullroutes.com wrote:
> I managed to add this
>   else
>   {
>     header("Location:http://myloginsite.com");
>     $OUTPUT->show_message($IMAP->error_code == -1 ? 'imaperror' : 
> 'loginfailed', 'warning');
>     rcmail_kill_session();
>   }
> }

I'd suggest to call rcmail_kill_session(); before redirecting. This will
remove all the garbage and reset some vars that are assigned to the session
> So now it redirects back perfect - however it doesn't display the error 
> .. eg "login failed" etc.

Of course it does not display the message because the browser leaves
RoundCube and goes to a complete new site. In order to show some message
you need to code it on your loginsite and pass some parameter when
redirecting there:

header("Location: http://myloginsite.com?loginerror=1");

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