[RCU] Regressions in trunk (vs. rc2)?

kraymer mail at kraymer.de
Sun Feb 24 12:03:36 CET 2008

Hello everyone,

today I played around and upgraded to today's svn trunk version of
roundcube. I was really curious since I read that there are only two
tickets left til roundcube will go stable.
Anyway, I was kinda disappointed. I only tested a little but the overall
impression is that it will work worse than what I'm used to with the rc2
version. Especially two things are annoying:

1. The new mark-as flag menu popup does not work. Instead, the "as
read"/"as unread" is displayed all the time, scrambling the message subject
line of the first message in the current folder. Clicking the links doesn't
work either. (I could provide a screenshot for that.)

2. Message marking broken; clicking on single messages doesn't mark the
message visually. Unfortunately I just notice that I didn't test if the
functionality would work.

I didn't open any tickets yet, maybe it is known? Since I don't provide a
patch nor did regression testing by svn version I didn't dare writing to
the dev-list ;) Since all lists are rather low traffic I hope it will reach
you developers anyway.

For now I svn switched back to rc2 but I volunteer to do some testing or
test patches if necessary.
Hope that all helps,


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