[RCU] Regressions in trunk (vs. rc2)?

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On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 10:48:11 -0600, chasd <chasd at silveroaks.com> wrote:
>> Indeed, I underestimated that difference! I just switched back to
>> trunk
>> (r1337) and the problem is gone.
> Hmmm. The most recent checkout I did is revision 1137, can I assume
> you mistyped the number ?

Yes, of course this was a type, sorry. I used today's trunk version, r1137.

> If the issue isn't reproducible elsewhere, I would recommend trying a
> new Firefox profile on the machine that exhibited the issue.

I don't know of any add-ons she installed but I'll check next time.
She doesn't really like someone else messing with her computer so I hope
your folks can reproduce the bug and I don't have to do the fresh profile
thing ;)



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