[RCU] Regressions in trunk (vs. rc2)?

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 20:37:45 CET 2008

kraymer wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> today I played around and upgraded to today's svn trunk version of
> roundcube. I was really curious since I read that there are only two
> tickets left til roundcube will go stable.
> Anyway, I was kinda disappointed. I only tested a little but the overall
> impression is that it will work worse than what I'm used to with the rc2
> version. Especially two things are annoying:
> 1. The new mark-as flag menu popup does not work. Instead, the "as
> read"/"as unread" is displayed all the time, scrambling the message subject
> line of the first message in the current folder. Clicking the links doesn't
> work either. (I could provide a screenshot for that.)

What you describe sounds like your browser still has old files in it's
cache. The popup is not styled because you use an old css file. Clear the
browser cache and reload.
> 2. Message marking broken; clicking on single messages doesn't mark the
> message visually. Unfortunately I just notice that I didn't test if the
> functionality would work.

Can't confirm that.
> I didn't open any tickets yet, maybe it is known? Since I don't provide a
> patch nor did regression testing by svn version I didn't dare writing to
> the dev-list ;) Since all lists are rather low traffic I hope it will reach
> you developers anyway.
> For now I svn switched back to rc2 but I volunteer to do some testing or
> test patches if necessary.

Please test well with different browsers and make sure you really got all
new files before opening any tickets.

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