[RCU] Unable to save email addresses from messages intocontacttable

Jason Levine jason at wiredhosting.com
Tue Jan 22 20:09:17 CET 2008

If it was a permissions issue I don't think I would be allowed to add 
contacts at all.
This only happens from the page that the user reads their email.

It looks like a bug in MySQL. Is there anyone else that has encountered this 
issue ?

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> On 1/18/08, Jason Levine <jason at wiredhosting.com> wrote:
>> OK..I narrowed it down to this.
>> If I comment this line out in the my.ini file I am able to add my 
>> contacts :
>> # Set the SQL mode to strict
>> # sql-
>> I don't know what damage I am doing elsewhere by commenting this out, so
>> maybe someone might have a less inrusive suggestion for me ?
>> Thanks,
>> Jason
> Looks like there is a user permission error on the db. Please check
> what are the permissions that you have given to the roundcube user on
> the database. See the trac for the permissions required.
> kmnair

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