[RCU] Mass Deletions

chasd chasd at silveroaks.com
Wed Jan 30 00:14:33 CET 2008

> A car made out of paper might have very good reasons for not being  
> able to go >5 m/h; if it suddenly falls apart without warning it's  
> just broken

I wouldn't say it is broken, it is just being used outside of its  
design parameters ;)

> (assuming for now the driver doesn't expect this, which is the case  
> for roundcube and large mail boxes).

The case of RC and large mailboxes is more like running out of fuel  
in a car, you should see it coming. That was the premise of my post.  
Granted, the "fuel gauge" is in a text config file buried in the  
server somewhere. I was attempting to explain how to interpret the  
error and that the result was not totally unexpected if you  
understand what is going on.

> Roundcube has other benefits thunderbird doesn't have (like being  
> accessible everywhere) and uses it, in a way, to advertise. People  
> will feel weird if suddenly something appears to be broken they  
> didn't know about. Especially if it's known but not told.

However, a desktop app is not the same as a web app. Particularly  
comparing a web app _almost_ at 0.1 and a desktop app that is at  
version 2.x.

> "Inherently broken" doesn't mean "it doesn't matter", it just means  
> "can't be fixed".

Some people jump to "Inherently broken" when the problem is really "I  
don't understand what is going on" which is what I was attempting to  

> And that "bug" /can/ be fixed.

I'm sure the RC developers would appreciate a patch with those changes.

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