[RCU] Cannot display HTML email messages; Error 500 PART II

chasd chasd at silveroaks.com
Mon Jul 7 17:36:05 CEST 2008

> I am running:
> Apache 2.2.8
> PHP 5.2.6
> RoundCube 0.2-Alpha
> Linux OS (Fedora 9)


> Here is the output from my modsec log:

> Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate

Well, your browser says it accepts gzip, so it should be OK for the  
server to send it.
I don't think this is the issue.

>  I am guessing that it may
> have something to do with the "GZIP" Content Encoding.

May be, but I don't think so.

> In fact, I'm
> wondering why the content is encoded in GZIP anyway?

Because your browser said it was OK to send it this way, and with  
today's CPU horsepower, it is a proven way to improve site response  
as seen by the end user. To make sure, disable gzip by commenting out  
the "AddEncoding x-gzip gz tgz" directive and / or look at

Also, does this happen with all browsers on all platforms ?
Your header dump indicates testing only with Firefox/

You can turn off gzip support in Firefox via "about:config" and  
change "network.http.accept-encoding" to "" and test that if you  
can't get the server to stop sending gzip encoded data.

> Also, if you're wondering why this is a modsec
> output, it may be because my RoundCube setup runs via HTTPS instead  
> of HTTP.

Does the problem occur if you use HTTP ? I know you are using HTTPS  
for a reason, but switching temporarily to HTTP for troubleshooting  
would be a good test. If the problem disappears, that narrows down  
where the problem is.

Any 500 error should be logged by the server. If you aren't finding  
it where you expect, look in other logs. I would do a ls -ltr in the  
log directory, then reproduce the error, and do another ls -ltr to  
see which files changed. You could pipe the output to "tail -5" or  
something if you have a lot of log files.


Charles Dostale
System Admin - Silver Oaks Communications
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