[RCU] Autocreation of Trash fails

Oliver Welter mail at oliwel.de
Mon Jul 21 15:22:30 CEST 2008

Hi List,

I run roundcube 0.1.1 and have a problem with the Trash Folder.

On a new account, the Trash folder is not created, if the user hits the 
"delete" icon in the top menu bar. After creating the folder manually it 
works. The "Trash" folder is in the "default_imap_folder" list which 
should be autogenrated, if I understand the docs correctly.

Besides, it would be nice to specify a list of possivle Trashfodlers, as 
some Mailclients seem to use german folder names for the trash folders, 
so we get two "deleted items" folders when using webmail and fat client 
in parallel.


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