[RCU] upgrade from 0.1-beta2 to 0.2-alpha

Radim Roska radim.roska at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 17:41:18 CEST 2008

Hi :),

I've just became responsible for already installed imap server. There
is roundcube 0.1-beta2. I wanna upgrade it to the latest version but
there's a problem :).

I've figured out there are changes in db scheme. But mysql.update.sql
which is said to be used does not update db to the new scheme.

Problem is e.g. in table messages, update script does not fix it.

[15-Jun-2008 15:40:54 +0200] DB Error: _doQuery: [Error message: Could
not execute statement]
[Last executed query: PREPARE
mdb2_statement_mysql_8c84bb1f194eb631c7287b358a37928180873d5f9 FROM
'INSERT INTO messages\n         (user_id, del, cache_key, created,
idx, uid, subject, `from`, `to`, cc, date, size, headers, structure)\n
        VALUES (?, 0, ?, now(), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,
FROM_UNIXTIME(1210174351), ?, ?, ?)']
[Native code: 1054]
[Native message: Unknown column 'structure' in 'field list']

I would prefer not to modify whole dump to the new scheme..im not sure
if im able to do it :).

Thx for any advice,

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