[RCU] Strange email

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Wed Jun 18 14:00:16 CEST 2008

Antonio Straziota wrote:
> Hi all,
> opening an email with roundcube it contains such a japanese chars:
> ਾ䴼呅⁁潣瑮湥㵴䴢䡓䵔⁌⸶〰㘮〰⸱㠱㘰∳渠浡㵥䕇䕎䅒佔㹒⼼䕈䑁ਾ䈼䑏⁙整瑸⌽〰 
> 〰〰戠䍧汯牯⌽晦晦晦ਾ䐼噉椠㵤摩坏剁灥祬敔瑸㈹㐴‷楤㵲瑬㹲㰊䥄⁖楤㵲瑬㹲䘼 
> 乏⁔慦散䄽楲污挠汯牯⌽〰〰〰猠穩㵥㸲潉栠慦瑴湵朠物楳⁡畳潰瑲污⁥档⁥畳 
> 潤畣敭瑮污⁥ꣃ猠浥牢⁡畴瑴䭏⸮㰮䘯乏㹔⼼䥄㹖㰊䥄⁖楤㵲瑬㹲䘼乏⁔慦散
> etc. etc.
> but whatchig the same mail with Outlook it is show correctly.
> also the source of the mail contains right text.
> Somebody can tell me something about this?

To help you, we need that message source and your environment 
description (php, roundcube, imap/http server names and versions). Did 
you try with svn-trunk version?

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