[RCU] Server loading during subject listing

Patrick T. Tsang patrick at patricktsang.net
Thu Jun 19 08:17:21 CEST 2008


Firstly I appreciate your work in roundcube this is a very impressive opensource webmail on internet.
I have already deployed roundcube to some of our clients.
What I am checking is that how roundcube looks for email subject on the first page.
Would you please tell me how roundcube works on sorting subject ?
I have an email account with 20,000 mails insdie inbox (IMAP), finding that roundcube seems sorts all emails and turns the subjects out according to the paging order.
What IMAP commands that roundcube is using for this purpose?
I would think it may be "SORT (DATE) UTF-8 ALL", find the message id according to the paging order, and FETCH the subjects in order.
If this is true, the server loading may be great for many mails.


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