[RCU] Invalid host with roundcube 0.2-alpha

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Sun Jun 22 13:28:50 CEST 2008


With roundcube 0.2-alpha,  I get "Invalid host" when  trying to login. I
think that  the culprit is autoselect_host function.  If my default_host
is empty, autoselect_host uses default_host:

    $default_host = $this->config->get('default_host');
    $host = !empty($default_host) ? get_input_value('_host', RCUBE_INPUT_POST) : $default_host;

I think that it should be :

    $default_host = $this->config->get('default_host');
    $host = empty($default_host) ? get_input_value('_host', RCUBE_INPUT_POST) : $default_host;

This works  then if default_host  is empty. This  also works if  it only
contains one host. However, it does not work if I have an array. I don't
really understand  why the rest of  the code tries to  match user domain
since default_host is a non-associative array.

Any hint?
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