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Le vendredi 7 mars 2008 14:03, burinho at yahoo.fr a écrit :
> Le vendredi 7 mars 2008 13:14, vous avez écrit :
> > You have wrong settings for your database.
> > Please, try to speak english, overwise, over users won't understand you
> Sorry I !
> I thought that it' s a french list.
> I tried with my bad english.
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I  use posgressql 8.1,

I'm  create  user roudcube
 $ createuser roundcube

and then datatbase of roundcube
$ createdb -O roundcube roundcubemail

I'm connecting at the datatbase
$ psql roundcubemail

I wanted to do such as in the doc
roundcubemail =# ALTER USER roundcube WITH PASSWORD 'the_new_password'; 
for create the password but  it does not work
roundcubemail =# ALTER USER roundcube WITH PASSWORD 'the_new_password';

then I use phppgadmin for create the password

I connect to rounducube
roundcubemail =# \c - roundcube
and a create the table.
roundcubemail => \i SQL/postgres.initial.sql

In ma file db.inc.php  i put 

Sorry with my english

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