[RCU] User-specific special folders (e.g. trash)

Kyle Wheeler kyle-roundcube at memoryhole.net
Wed Mar 12 17:51:43 CET 2008


I'm trying to figure out how to provide my users with user-specific 
special folders (namely: trash, drafts, and sent).

I know that I can set $rcmail_config['trash_mbox'] to anything I like, 
but what if joe at mydomain wants his trash in "INBOX.Trash" while 
bob at mydomain wants his trash in "INBOX.Deleted Messages" and 
fred at mydomain wants HIS trash in "Trash".

I filed a bugreport asking for this feature, and the bug was closed 
saying that this was already possible in the config.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

This job of playing God is a little too big for me. Nevertheless, 
someone has to do it, so I'll try my best to fake it.
                                                          -- Larry Wall
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