[RCU] Need RC Help

scott robertson scott at insanescouter.org
Mon Mar 24 09:43:00 CET 2008

Sorry to all if this has been asked a million times.. I have dug around 
google, the RC fourms and the RC WIki with no luck so I was hoping 
someone could point me in the right direction here... I am setting up a 
free mail service and need a few specific things to make it happen...

1) Footer that is added to all sent emails

2) Ability for users to change their spamassassin sql settings

3) Ability to control number of emails the user can send in a day as 
well as the number of address they can have in to, cc, bcc

4) There are a few other plugins I would like such as a calender which I 
have seen something about on google... is there any good places to look 
for plugins for RC?

Sorry for any repeats ... I am sure you get asked these questions a lot 
... I would not mind adding a few $$ to the pot to get these features 
created if they have not been or are under development ...


Scott Robertson
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