[RCU] blank page instead of the login page for mail.ru server

alekciy public-mail at alekciy.ru
Wed Mar 26 00:17:38 CET 2008

I want work with 2 IMAP server: mail.vline.ru and imap.mail.ru . In
main.inc.php i write:

$rcmail_config['default_host'] = array(
    'mail.vline.ru' => 'VLine.ru',
    'imap.mail.ru' => 'Mail.ru'

Then I login (in this page http://roundcube.alekciy.ru ) in
public-mail at alekciy.ru mailbox (mail.vline.ru IMAP server) it's all right.
But if I login in alekciy-ru at mail.ru mailbox (imap.mail.ru IMAP server,
http://www.mail.ru/pages/help/337.html ) I see blank page. All log file is
empty (system log and ./logs/).

In what there can be a problem?

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